Investiční zlatý slitek 500g Münze Österreich
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Münze Österreich

Münze Österreich, or the Austrian Mint, is one of the world`s leading mints. They mint all all Austrian circulation coins and prestigious collector coins and medals.

During the existence of the mint, an inexhaustible number of methods of minting were used here. Until the 16th century, for example, a hammer was used for excavation, followed by a cylinder, cradle and screw press. From 1830 to the present, an annular coin press has been used for minting, which is currently capable of minting up to 750 coins per minute.

Over the years, several other mints have been established in Austria - for example in Graz, Kremsk, Salzburg and Innsbruck. In 1918, when the Republic of Austria began to form, the Vienna Mint became the main mint for Austria. And this status still belongs to her.

Coins from this mint are sought after by investors and collectors around the world. One of the most internationally recognized coins of the Austrian Mint is the Maria Theresa Taler coin. It was founded in 1780, when this empress died. It is currently the most famous silver coin in the world and also the coin with the largest number of pieces embossed. A well-known coin is also a gold investment coin called the Wiener Philharmoniker.

Among other things, Münze Österreich also supplies investment gold bars produced for it by the Argor-Heraeus S. A. refinery, which also owns a quarter of it.



Size 41 x 91 x 8,20 mm
Purity 999,9/1000
Country of origin Austria
Mass 500.000 g
Producer Münze Österreich
VAT According to §92, VAT is 0%
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