Frequently Asked Questions | Zlato a stříbro, mince a slitky jako investiční kovy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Saving Really FREE? I pay a closing fee.

Yes. Our savings in gold is FREE for those who earn the target amount in regular payments. (at least 60). If this client performs, he / she will automatically be credited to his / her account in the value of the paid closing fee and that is why his account is totally FREE.

Is Gold That You Offer, Quality?

Yes, our golden coins and coins sold to us and we are taking off from one of Europe is leading gold investment suppliers. All of our gold coins are globally known and traded globally. Their emptiness and quality are guaranteed by the emitting state.

Are certificates and coins certificates?

Gold investment gold bars sold to us are supplied with certificates that guarantee authenticity and clarity. Each bobbin is embossed to confirm the fineness, weight and manufacturer. Recently, he has been relinquishing paper certificates.

Can you buy gold from me and back when I want to sell it? At what price?

Yes, we guarantee this to the client already under the terms of the contract. The gold we sell from the client is bought at the London Fix price. However, at higher weights, over 250 g, the client must wait until we find another customer.

How long will I wait for the ordered gold?

Time for order processing takes up to 1 week. The delivery times from our suppliers may vary based on the demand of individual weights. We specify our current time to our clients individually according to the development.v