Australian Kangaroo 1/2 Oz zlatá mince
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Australian Kangaroo 1/2 Oz gold coin

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Perth Mint

This company is one of the worlds leading refineries and ingot manufacturers. Its headquarters are located in Perth, Australia.

The Mint was established at the end of the 19th century as a branch of the Royal Mint in London. At that time, population growth began in Western Australia (23,000 in 1869 and 180,000 in 1900), mainly due to the discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie and Murchison, which were regional colonies. The Mint remained under British jurisdiction until 1 July 1970, when it became a statutory body of the Government of Western Australia. It now belongs to the Gold Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia. Gold Corporation has two major subsidiaries: Goldcorp Australia and Western Australian Mint (which includes Perth Mint). Perth Mint is responsible for the refining of precious metals, the production of gold bars, industrial products and the minting of coins and other products.

Size 25,1 x 2,4 mm
Purity 999,9/1000
Country of origin Tuvalu - Australia
Mass 15.552 g
Producer Perth Mint
VAT According to §92, VAT is 0%
Packaging & Certificate
Current purchase price 27 805 Kč

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